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Default Re: Top 5 Fav Drummers (inspirational to your style)

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
I actually think the fall of that band artistically was a lot earlier than some say.

IMO---The first 3 Chicago albums were as good as anything that ever went down in rock. I remember when I was 10 or so going into my old man's LP collection and finding Chicago Transist Authority with Introduction, Beginnings, Questions 67 and 68. That band was great and because of guitarist Terry Kath, sounded more like a rock band as opposed to Blood Sweat and Tears' polished horn section and more careful sound...although I thought David Clayton Thomas was an amazing singer and I liked Seraphine and Columby just about equally.

Then I think it went downhill. That Carnegie Hall set was lousy and sloppy, then Chicago V had that awful Saturday in the Park song which I think more than anything else turned those guys into a beach band. But I have the first 3 albums and will always keep them. Seraphine sounds great on them. I always thought that when Buddy Rich was trying rock he was thinking in Seraphine terms, which is funny seeing as how Seraphine had actually adapted the Rich style to fit to a rock format. I always thought that whole thing was pretty ironic.
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