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Default Re: Worst idea in Drumming

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Yup. Good find, Kev. I thought those things were super cool when they first came out lol. I don't mind a bit of ugliness if it's interesting - like bulldogs, for example :) The problem was that you needed much bigger cases than usual for them.

Funny that people here are more offended by messed up inventions to be played in real time than the gadgets that are squeezing us out.
I almost picked up a used North set two weeks ago . . . the reason it was only "almost" was because I realized that I'd have to get custom cases made for them that would cost far more than the drums (although Staccato cases might work), and it would probably also be next to impossible for find parts if I would need to replace a lug or something.

I don't at all mind concert toms. I had a Ludwig vistalite kit with concert toms that I wish I would have never sold. It was probably my favorite sounding kit out of everything I've had so far. At some point in the future, I'm going to buy another vistalite kit.
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