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Default Re: Returning Drummer Aches.

Originally Posted by StoveHound View Post
..Although from what a few of the other guys are saying it sounds like I might just be out of shape..

I think such things should not be exaggerated too much..

People like Dennis Chambers, Kirk Covington, Jeff Hamilton and even Colaiuta never seemed to be in fantastic shape regarding their weight (if thats what you mean) and for some reason i also refuse to imagine any of them in Yoga, allthough Yoga can be a helpful thing maybe to release the mind a little from unnecessary stress which can help to improve someone's focus..Forgive me btw if i missed somewhere an interview where a before mentioned drummer confessed to be a fanatical Yoga fan..

Also regarding a drumchair things depend a lot on your personal preference..Some people feel that they really need a $300 drumchair, other people just grab any chair available..

The picture shows Han Bennink btw, a drummer from which most likely everyone here will say that he has bad posture, etc, but apparently someone can still play like that more than 50 years on a pretty high level..

My advice would be to just play..

Just play and find out when the pain/tension starts and if you can adjust something in your playing at that moment to stop the tension..Also maybe change the seat height a little, maybe change the position to the pedals a little, maybe change the position to the complete set a little, maybe change the height of toms/hi-hat/snaredrum/cymbals a little, etc..

And if none of those things help, then i would advice to first invest a few hundred dollars in some lessons from a quality teacher, instead of running immediately to the store to buy there your solution..There is always time for that..
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