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Default Re: If I knew then what I know now

Procrastinate less: not just with drumming, there was a period of maybe 2/3 years (I've been playing for around 9, but you wouldn't believe it..) where I hardly even practiced and I'd spend all my time playing video games, being fat, doing no exercise, having no life .etc. I didn't know if I wanted to be a professional musician or not at that point, but I wasn't exactly doing anything productive to make up for that desire which I now have.

In regards to drumming, I'd say:
Practice more
Learn how to use my left hand
Buy a double bass pedal earlier so that I don't sound like a complete noob at it now
Read and study books
Stop playing along to Buddy Rich CDs and being like "I can kinda play along to buddy rich, therefor I am as good as buddy rich and never need to practice again" (THAT IS THE WORST ATTITUDE TO HAVE EVER, BELIEVE ME I KNOW).

Joining the Army as a musician. Yay!
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