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Originally Posted by Mr. Pasquini View Post
Derek, are you enjoying your endorsement with Meinl? Are they as nice to work with as Sabian?
How's the work with Today is the Day coming? I really liked the Meinl Drum Festival clip.
I love the Meinl Company. They have it together man. Great people too!
They actually get things done..... as opposed to talking about getting stuff done! And, that's great from an artist prospective.

I have fulfilled my obligation to TITD and have no plans to do another recording.
My full attention is now with my band Serpents Rise.
We are writing now and plan to record and release for free download in the late spring time.
I'll keep ya posted.

Hey Tripp, yea...keep on that exercise. It did wonders for me as well.

Thanks everyone for the continued support.
Drummer ROCK!!
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