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Originally Posted by DreamTheater4life View Post
yes. it's making you have more speed, power, endurance, and precision by blasting with one foot. then what you need to do is alternate feet. blast with your right foot for awhile, then switch off to your left.

NOT TRUE. two words: Romain Goulon:
It's not that I don't agree that it can have benefits, but saying using two feet is cheating is a crappy thing to say. But it goes both ways, using two foot blast can help to conserve energy and playing smarter in my opinion. I guess it doesn't even really matter, depends on how you look at it. I just don't agree with how George Kollias said it was cheating and not fair. If someone wants to blast a certain way, thats their perogative and not up to someone else to determine if it is right, wrong, cheating, or not fair. Since the drums are triggered, and can acheive the same results musically, it really doesn't matter.

Romain Goulon was blast blast blast with some variations. If you check out the stuff I posted , it will really blow your mind.

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