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Default Re: Derek Roddy

Originally Posted by svkelleher10 View Post
Does Derek Roddy use triggers? Or does he EQ his tracks alot?

They're pretty crisp because they pick up every stroke he takes.

And he takes ALOT of strokes.
When Derek was in Hate Eternal and Nile he used triggers. now he doesnt

Originally Posted by tomk View Post
I don't know if this has been covered already but does Derek blast with 1 foot or two feet? The reason I'm asking is because I saw a few videos of george kollias doing a clinic and he said in a few of those videos that he think blasting with two feet is cheating. I can't help but think that this guy has a bit of an ego. Like he's racing with other drummers? Last time I checked, music was not a race. If someone blasts with 2 feet, it's easier to do than a single foot blast. Because of triggers, the result is the same. I just think that the single foot blast is a way of saying "I'm better than you". at least thats how george kollias makes it seem.
Derek blasts with 1 foot. he always has. and George is far from egotystical. he's a really nice guy. he just thinks blasting with 2 feet is "cheating" because you're not pushing yourself with your feet. He thinks you should always push yourself to get better. You do that with 1 footing. 2 footing you're just going half the speed with each foot so there's no progress made with your feet there.
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