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Default Re: Derek Roddy playing some killer grooves!

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
I know George and have seen him play many times (over 10) I have NEVER seen him play single stroke DB over 255 in a playing situation.... To this day. Yes there are some NILE tunes that are in the 265 range but like all of us...his feet float just a little. Besides, this is another case of putting words in my mouth. I said, on my forum... that at the TIME, nobody was playing over 255 or 260. Are drummers such as George getting closer? Yes they are but... I STILL haven't seen a drummer play 16th note singles over 255 in a PLAYING situation.
Please read more carefully.
GREAT Quote DEREK and welcome to drummerworld its a Great forum...
Glad you agree that MOST drummers are floating.
The reason I posted that response was to let drummers know how rediculous 265 is to lock in...
You,George,Tony, Romaine are the few extreme drummers that can lock in past 240
I LOVE the Quote you had 240 A lot faster than we
I have always said I would rather hear a drumer floating and keeping the song together rather than someone killing themselves trying to lock in the feet and sounding like an epiletic fit....
Its great to see the way you have expanded your playing
Keep it up..
God Bless
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