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Just wanted to take a minute and thank all of you for the possitive responces to my playing.
I'm just like all of you when it comes to this. I love to play and get no better feeling than creating music with fellow musicians.
I'm thankful that some of you feel I have something to offer the drumming community. I work very hard to steer the younger generations of drummers to follow their own personal path and to be excited about playing the drums NOT discouraged.
We drummers are very lucky to have such a wonderful community of human beings to ask and offer advise. I can't thank all of you drummers enough for giving me the spirt to continue on with my efforts. Again, thank you ALL very much.
I don't really get alot of time to cruise the net. If any of you ever want to talk or have ANY questions...feel free to contact me at my forum as it's the only one I make it to with any consistancy.
Hope you all are doing well and talk soon.
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