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Default Re: Derek Roddy playing some killer grooves!

Originally Posted by Tim Waterson View Post
DEREK is a great drummer and practice is paying off BIG time...

but you are confused George Kollias is the one who plays double bass at 265 in extreme Music.
DEREK said he did not believe anyone could hold anytthing past 255 till George and a few others proved him wrong....
I know George and have seen him play many times (over 10) I have NEVER seen him play single stroke DB over 255 in a playing situation.... To this day. Yes there are some NILE tunes that are in the 265 range but like all of us...his feet float just a little. Besides, this is another case of putting words in my mouth. I said, on my forum... that at the TIME, nobody was playing over 255 or 260. Are drummers such as George getting closer? Yes they are but... I STILL haven't seen a drummer play 16th note singles over 255 in a PLAYING situation.
Please read more carefully.
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