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Originally Posted by Richard.Awesome View Post
stumbled upon this

Billy Cobham's Spectrum (Kongsberg, 1974) (c) NRK

Billy COBHAM (dr), John ABERCROMBIE (git), Michael BRECKER (s), Randy BRECKER (t), Glenn
FERRIS (trb), Alex BLAKE (b), Milchu LEVIEV (kbd).

"The pleasant Pheasant" "Red Baron" (B. Cobham).

Kongsberg Jazzfestival, Norway, 1974. From the NRK (c)
Just watched this last night. Legendary players in that band and really cool to see Billy's very physical brand of musical expression at a time when he was "it" in the realm of fusion. As a kid, I remember listening to "Spectrum" on cassette tape, over and over. I saw him with his Spectrum 40 band a couple of years ago (sat about 8 feet away from him on the side of the stage) and he's still got it!
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