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Default Playing offbeats while listening to quarter notes

Hey all,

I am primarily a guitarist but am obsessed with rhythm guitar. So, I decided I should look at drummers as the source of inspiration rhythmically.

I had a question for everyone regarding some practice tips I could use when practicing rhythm guitar (or developing rhythm generally):

I am often called upon to record something straight to a click track. So it's just me and the click track, nothing else.

Oftentimes, how I keep time is, I listen to the metronome and have my foot tapping along to the quarter note. However, if I have to play all upbeats (so the AND of the beat), I get lost and my foot feels like it loses that strong timing. It starts feeling loose and jittery.

I can only keep upbeats in time for about 15 seconds or so before I lose the timing (mainly rushing but can also be dragging). This is especially the case at 'faster tempos' (which sadly for me is around 118).

When I have to play the quarter note before the upbeat (so '1-AND-2-AND'), it's much easier. But when I have to drop those quarter notes, yet have my foot keep tapping along to them, and play upbeats, it becomes messy.

Any advice on how to practice this and develop it? I record everything I practice so I see where I am on the grid. So while I know the problem, I still get lost!

EDIT: It bears mentioning that I'm good at singing rhythms to a click. However when it comes to actually playing, I find it harder. I'm certainly not bad but singing the rhythms accurately seems much easier. It's almost like that part of my brain shuts off when I'm playing. If I sing out loud, it makes things easier but I want to rely on as little as possible. When playing, adding more moving parts gets more difficult!

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