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Default Re: Crashing on beat 1

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
In blues, after a guitar solo that leads into a vocal, instead of crashing on the one at the conclusion of the solo, many times I will do a single hit, no flam, on the snare, on beat 1. I usually do a drag before I nail the 1 though, it sets it up better. Flams are OK but I think it's most effective with a drag and a slightly accented (not too hard) snare hit. It's almost alarming how much that changes the feel, using the snare rather than the cymbal. It kind of forces people to clap for the solo (or are they clapping for me when I nail the 1? No, I'm pretty sure it's the solo. But nailing the one makes people appreciate the solo more.)

If I crashed a cymbal on beat 1 at the start of the vocal, I can almost guarantee that no one will clap for the solo...but if I nail it home with a drag and then a snare hit on beat 1 at the start of the vocal, they almost always clap for the preceding solo. It's like nailing beat 1 with a lone snare the audiences cue to clap. Works great. And really, I didn't change any notes. I'm still accenting on beat one. All I did was choose the snare instead of a cymbal. (OK I added a drag too) But wow what a difference in feel. Night and day. Exciting vs same old same old. Of course I only use that once at the most in the same song. And not every song either. I reserve that high point for a truly deserving time.
I've been doing this more and more lately as well. Just for variety's sake mostly, but I think you're right, changing typical sound the band expects on the 1 to something else completely has some clear effects. I like how it alters things.
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