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Default Re: Crashing on beat 1

Originally Posted by drummer-russ View Post
So are you all talking about original music? If you are playing covers don't you want to play primarily what the original drummer played?
I would primarily say "No'. Unless you're doing stuff like Bermuda does, crash's aren't in the general consciousness and 'if' then usually just as well known accents.

You could play a really popular song in two- three versions, one with the crashes just like the original recording, and the others with crashes not in the original recoding places, most people would have a difficult time knowing which one was the correct original crash placement version.

Recorded songs if crash heavy are most always mixed with the cymbals down, lower in volume, some recorded crashes are mixed so low they're just implied. To play a crash heavy song well live, you need to be good with dynamics and hope your cymbals sound a little like the originals.

Cymbals are generally obnoxious live, especially in small venue situations. Unless the drummer is really conscious, cymbals can ruin a bands sound pretty easily, a lot quicker than drums, you can't tune cymbals. You can't hide bad sounding cymbals at a gig, drums are more forgiving. Crappy sounding cymbals at a gig can literally give you a headache, weather you're playing, or in the audience listening, they can sour the night.
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