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Default Re: New to drumming need some help.

I would have to know all the exact drum sizes you have now to really tell you what I would personally add but my 2 cents..

Really learn to play with what u have before you start buying a bunch of new stuff to add on. I mean there's nothing wrong with it, especially if u wanna up grade your cymbals and stuff but try not to get to much going on to soon. It's easy to get sucked in to playing the same basic patterns on different cymbals and drums when u have a huge kit. That's just my opinion tho because that's just my experience.
But think about it this way. If all you had was a kick, snare, and hi hat would you find yourself trying to do new things with those 3 instruments? Maybe new stuff you wouldn't be doing if you could move that heavy beat u where just playing to a china cymbal instead?
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