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Default Re: Dealing with spine problems - experiences, advice

Originally Posted by mpthomson View Post
Genuinely, and said as a medical professional;

Ignore any advice on an internet forum regarding treatment or medication for any spinal/musculo-skeletal problem unless you KNOW that person is a physio or doctor and have been examined by them.

The post regarding oxycontin is not good advice, even if well-meaning. Clearly medication should only be used as directed by a medical professional, even more so if it's one that has the potential to cause addiction. As I'm sure you know all mechanisms of injury are different and require specific treatment/maintenance.

Nothing wrong with discussing treatments or medications that others will tell you about with your doc/physio, just don't take anything as gospel.
Not intending to, and, no offense to anyone who posted, I am not interested in increasing meds at this time, or taking meds beyond what I am currently prescribed. I really am not looking for a prescription, but lifestyle/holistic/therapeutic choices that made pain, symptom, or flareup management liveable for folks. The chiropractic advice was well taken, and I will be following up with the VA to see if I can be referred to a local clinic. I realize that age brings with it some issues, but I do not intend to go quietly into that good night if there's no reason to.
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