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Default Re: Ludwig's new Signet 105 drum line!

Okay, how about we re-address the lugs 5 years from now after I've used the drums for longer than 6 weeks. I'll continue to be completely up-front and unbiased about them, and will report on how they hold up.

They're out there, they'll be showing up used in the future, we'll all get to see how SIGNET105 weathers the gigging life. Yes, lets re assess the plastic part of the lugs after 5 years.

It doesn't bother me that you're criticizing a Ludwig product or concept, you're not the first. What does bother me is that you don't thimk I can fairly and accurately assess a product that's in my possession, and which I can actually handle and inspect (to the extent that I am able to disassemble it, ie; the lug.)

Im doing a lot of assuming and guessing, tho based on experience with plastic on lugs. I like the concept, stated that. Criticizing? More like pondering the un foreseen possibilities, which 'may' be ugly, but they also 'may' turn out to be true, since they haven't yet, guess it could be labeled criticizing, but Im OK with that too.

Im certainly not questioning your assessment capabilities, we're eating it up. In post #263 I understood it as you 'could not' get the lug apart, so it must be difficult, a testament to LUDWIG, not a diss on you. I myself was never under the impression that the plastic part of the lug would be easy to get out/apart. Would like to see it out/apart tho, or even a pic of the inside of the lug.

But let me speak about these lugs as someone for whom the 799.99 I paid for them was a major investment. This is my only set of drums. I have been playing for 18 years and finally have an awesome American made maple drum set (up until recently I have played mostly at places that have their own kits). I saw the plastic on the lugs and didn't think twice about it. Why? Because of the way that the drums were designed.

Exactly what LUDWIG is hoping for... not someone like me who sees them and says: "Plastic on the lugs? Not what I was expecting. Gonna wait on this one, see how they age."
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