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Default Re: Should drum "teachers" be made to show credentials?

i'd say relax, let the neighbor show the kid enough to get him going, if he has the fire in his belly, the child (or adult) will seek out better instruction or just go for it on his own. I have never had ANY kind of lessons for drums, piano, or guitar and I would feel comfortable playing any of those instruments with any musician. I am convinced now that although music can be learned by anyone very few develop a "talent" where things just flow as if devine intervention (eye roll) well you know what I mean right? what I have witnessed before is the child losing interest because of "lessons that must be practiced daily" and adults layin' guilt trips on the poor kids when they don't do it because mommy and daddy paid a shit ton of money to a credentialed teacher. having said that my young son is taking guitar lessons from "a guy that teaches guitar" but he is a great player. a parent giving their child lessons has not worked for me or the kids because they act differently around me than they do a stranger, they tend to be better behaved and listen more intently than when their goofy ass dad is teaching them.
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