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Default Re: Should drum "teachers" be made to show credentials?

My boy is having drum lessons and guitar lessons. They couldn't be more different.

The drum lessons are formal, one-to-one, half hour sessions, all styles of music, working through the Trinity College music grade exams to give a clear idea of progress with an experienced teacher.

The guitar lessons are informal, much less focused on technique or theory, rock and pop, sometimes with two students to a tutor, 45 minutes of tuition followed by 15 minutes jamming with other students on drums, bass etc.

I pay about the same for both. My boy has different ambitions for each instrument. I'm happy with how they're both working out for him.

You can only really judge the quality of teaching by the student's enjoyment and their progress against their own goals. If it works, great. If not, then try something different.
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