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Default Re: Should drum "teachers" be made to show credentials?

With private instruction, the burden of vetting an instructor is completely on the buyer.

With taxpayer funded instruction, the vetting is done by the government. In the US, the instructor must be a teacher (college grad, teaching cert). In many instances you end up with a "teacher of music", instead of a "music teacher".

Under no circumstances should we ever want the government to regulate private instruction. We'll end up in a situation like they have now where people are threatened with jail for braiding hair without a cosmetology license. In other cases, qualified instructors cannot teach across state lines due to mismatched standards.

I agree that bad instructors do more harm than good, but that's just how the world works. If you want to protect yourself, have an attorney draw up a contract.

When I taught guitar, I was in my late teens / early 20's. I had not yet purchased a HS diploma. I taught beginners and paid attention only to the fundamentals of playing (chord shapes and changes, the three primary scales, and focused mainly on non-destructive technique). I did teach reading fundamentals, and used sheet music to communicate, but never in an purely academic sense. After 40 years, I still cannot sight-read guitar sheet music of moderate complexity. I checked in a decade ago and had slightly over a 50% success rate of students that stuck with the instrument in some capacity, two of which are now school music teachers. Not sure if I was good or lucky.
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