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Default Re: Time observations

I practice the same way—quarter notes, alternating left and right hands—except I've only gone down to 40 bpm, not 20 (yet).

I don't subdivide beyond the quarter notes with my hands, but I do "hear" a busy pattern in my head that helps me lock in with the click. Is that what you mean by subdividing, what you're doing in your head? Because I don't think I could do it without that, and I'm not sure why I'd want to try.

One thing I've found adds difficulty to this is varying dynamics with each stroke. So I create patterns that require both hands to play a mix of soft taps and loud accents, or do it randomly so you get combinations of playing accents followed by taps or vice versa between both hands. This is a challenge because you need to start an accent stroke slightly sooner than a tap in order to bury the click to allow for the extra distance the stick travels. This teaches you the muscle memory needed to do that without thinking. It's surprising how much the change in dynamics can throw this off. And learning this skill is hugely applicable to real-world playing situations, imo.
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