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Default Re: Time observations

Originally Posted by Steady Freddy View Post
Can you mic his amp and boost his feed to your head set? If he's a little quick or slow on the pedal you could adjust quickly.
I won't wear headphones on stage. I didn't sign up for that. In studio, of course. Not when I'm performing. He's really good at making loops on the fly. He's the only guitarist I know who practices to a metronome. I drop my volume a bit, stare at his amp (it seems to help me) and try and hear something...anything...even if I hear 20% of the loop that's usually enough for me to scrape by.

Originally Posted by GruntersDad View Post
I'm not sure if playing at 20 will ever help playing at 120. .
Oh it does for me in a huge way. If I can nail 3 seconds between beats, .5 second between beats (120BPM) is like falling off a log, nothing to it. Slow tempos are one of the keys to good time with me.

Originally Posted by GetAgrippa View Post
So Larry are you trying to feel this slow tempo to increase your sense of time? I can count it and make it work but crap trying to just wing and feel it that slow. I'll have to try it-does seem like it will make you aware of "time". Some tempos are so natural and easy-a "time" frame we are accustomed but the slow ones are always a bugger-perhaps the slower can be just as natural.
Yea Art, I'm trying to increase my awareness of time passing. I'm trying to build a superpower. Like when I flam the click, I determine if I was ahead or behind. If I was behind the click, I have to gently hurry up a little to hit the next click on time. If I'm ahead of the click, I have to add a little extra time before my next hit. I believe that all these little mistakes are what actually improves my time...over time lol. Sometimes I will play consistently ahead at the same exact spot...Its a real challenge.

I started doing this exercise around 2011 at 40 BPM. At the time, I thought it was impossibly long between beats. Now 40 BPM is like a walk in the park.

I'm trying to make myself figure out how I can play with as perfect timing as I am capable of. It really is that important.
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