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Default Re: Time observations

Originally Posted by New Tricks View Post
Remember Larry, playing with a looper means assuming that the part was played perfectly as it was being recorded, which probably doesn't happen. Unless you record it and look/listen to it you will never know. If he is slightly off somewhere, you have been working hard to make corrections and making your brain work too hard

I'd pay money to witness that.

I'm not saying you are mistaken but I have become keenly aware of how difficult that is. I realize there are a huge number of people that are far far better than I am so there is certainly a chance of someone playing for several minutes, spot on.

I'm just saying, I'd really like to see it.

A few years ago I built a quick little file that would drop the click out for 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 measures etc. Even playing something simple at a comfortable tempo, being 100% honest with myself, I couldn't get past 4 measures at 100%. After 30 seconds, I'd be off, never to recover unless by luck.

Hell, even with a click I can see where I tend to drift around. It's rarely noticable in the recordings because it always quickly comes back home but I can certainly see it and I realize that my ability for perfection is no match for a machine.
Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
You notice it in popular music, too. The lack of perfect time isn't an issue unless you've been drilling it so hard!

Drill with a click for an hour then go listen to STP (one of my fav bands) and you'll see what I mean. Back in the dirty 90's we didn't put a huge premium on perfect time.
I assume time is better on the West Coast, on average. I hear playing with a click is an expected skill on a lot of gigs there.
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