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Default Re: Saw Chicago and the Doobie Brothers last night

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The only names I know off the top of my head in Chicago are Seraphine, Kath, and Cetera- none of which were there. Besides the horn players, that was the core of Chicago. I'd probably feel the same way. Like a tribute band.
They have been a tribute band for years......Kath was the rocker and was an incredible player but has been dead for almost 40 years! Cetera gets hammered as the one who turned them into a ballad/silly love song band of the '80's that most remember them for. Really not fair because unfortunately, they were headed that way even when Kath was still in the band. He was a fine bass player and had incredible range as a singer. Seraphine was/is one of the best players out there during their hey days........regardless of what is reported, politics not playing is what got him axed. (Imboden is a great player and seemingly a nice guy but just doesn't drive the band the way Serpahine did!). Danny is still playing great today and will be 70 next year. Parazaider has major heart issues allegegedly and only appears with them on special occasions and photo ops. The other two horn players have regular substitutes, as well. They have "dumbed down" their music so much these days; really sad. The "tribute" players are all great musicians, just a slick " Holiday Inn" version of what was once a great inovative band but.......this is just my opinion!
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