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Default Re: Saw Chicago and the Doobie Brothers last night

Originally Posted by Matt Bo Eder View Post
Ouch - but I totally agree!

Hearing Sting croon Roxanne in the early days of the Police sounded completely different and more meaningful when they were starving on their way up than it did when I heard him in '07 at Dodger Stadium as a well-fed millionaire.
I remember seeing Sting on the Dream of the Blue Turtles tour, and it was pretty good. Then seeing him again just a few years later, and it was, as Larry described, the band and the drummer (post-Omar Hakim, pre-Vinnie) was just kind of eh..

More recently, I've gone to see Nick (aka Living Dead Drummer) play and one of the many bands he plays in tends to open for some of the legacy bands. We saw Asia, with zero members from their 80's hey day line up, and only guy from any of their line ups, and substitute drummer for the night, yet playing the 80's hits, which was just strange. The players will killer players, the drum solo was amazing, but it might as well have been a tribute band.

Another night we saw Dokken, with two original members, who were tired, drained, and seemed like they were only there because they had nothing better to do that day, while the two hired hands were carrying the show. It was just sad. Even singer Don Dokken was making jokes about being old and how many times does he have to play the same songs, while relying on the hired bass player to hit all the high noted because his own voice was shot. I'm not a fan, but wow, it was just sad.

On a similar note, I love The Who and think they're the greatest band in rock history, but I refuse to go see them live anymore because 1/2 the band is dead, and Roger can barely sing anymore. Age has just caught up with them, and it's just too sad to watch them try and pretend.

Like why Robert Plant refuses to do a full scale Led Zep reunion; he knows he can't, so he does't.
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