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Originally Posted by pearlygates View Post
My main snare is a Mapex Saturn walnut/maple/walnut 6.5x14"
I find this drum to be very woody and dry(ish). Not being sure of the exact sound you are looking for, I would recommend getting out to your lds and smak a few. I will say that my Saturn snare is fantastic!
Hey thanks.
I actually tried a Used Saturn snare in a local drum store last Friday. I agree, it has a dry, woody tone, fantastic!
That one was 5" x 14", and it sounded fantastic, and it made me wonder how it would compare to a pure walnut snare like the Mapex Retrosonic.
Really it comes down to:
Is the walnut/maple/walnut what I am looking for, or would I prefer a pure walnut Mapex, is pure walnut too much of a good thing......?
Thanks for the advice, like you said, I have to get out there and play a few more. I found one store 1-1/2 hours away that has a pure walnut Mapex, the Retrosonic.
When I get a spare weekend I'll have to get out there and try it.

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