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Originally Posted by daniel pena View Post
I just posted a youtube video of 3 brass snares that I wanted to compare. The Ludwig Black Beauty, Pearl SensiTone Elite and Risen Drums Brass Snare. All 6 1/2x14. You guys should check it out. I'd like to hear your thoughts on them. It's also a good way for someone to check out 3 brass snares who might be thinking of purchasing one.

Thank you for putting that together. It's extremely well done with pretty equal tunings, levels, and playing.

The video leaves me wondering. I hear a distinct difference between all three snares, and I don't think I should considering the nearly identical compositions of the three drums. The Ludwig sounds just like my Ludwig but the Perl and Risen both have these longer-lasting overtones which struck me as unpleasant... Like the aftertaste you perceive when drinking an unfamiliar brand of beer for the first time.

It's strange how bias works. I should have minimized the video the first time through and simply listened so I couldn't see which was which.
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