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Originally Posted by Bamadrummer88 View Post
Hi Derek, got a question I'd like to ask your and the others opinion on. Iíve been playing for several years now, but only in the past year have I started playing double bass. I should probably also mention Iím a lefty playing openhanded on a righthanded kit. Anyway,I noticed on double bass runs, be it straight 16ths, triplets, or any kind of patterns, if I led with my right foot, the runs would be choppy and uneven most of the time. If I lead with my left foot though, usually itís clearer and smoother. It works the same with 16ths on the hihat.Choppy starting righthanded, smooth starting lefthanded. My question is, should I just try to become entirely ambidextrous, switch my kit to lefty, or something else?

P.S. you're badass and an inspiration dude
Cheers man,

I've always been of the opinion that drummers shouldn't "change" their approach, etc. Just be yourself and work with what you can do.
So, changing your kit, righty, lefty...really all irrelevant to actual playing and getting better.
I've found that a lot of time drummers spend too much time on 'researching", "changing", etc takes time from actually doing the work.

Which in your case seems to be a balance issue in which your weak leg has been a human kickstand for the strong side of your body.

I would practice using your weaker foot/side more often. Like when you're playing a long to CD's etc....if you can execute what you need to make the song work with your weaker should be doing it. Same with your hands.

Should help a lot.

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