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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Hi Derek, got a question I'd like to ask your and the others opinion on. Iíve been playing for several years now, but only in the past year have I started playing double bass. I should probably also mention Iím a lefty playing openhanded on a righthanded kit. Anyway,I noticed on double bass runs, be it straight 16ths, triplets, or any kind of patterns, if I led with my right foot, the runs would be choppy and uneven most of the time. If I lead with my left foot though, usually itís clearer and smoother. It works the same with 16ths on the hihat.Choppy starting righthanded, smooth starting lefthanded. My question is, should I just try to become entirely ambidextrous, switch my kit to lefty, or something else?

P.S. you're badass and an inspiration dude
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