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Default Andy Newmark - Update

Hey everyone,

Earlier this year I said I would be meeting Andy Newmark. Andy is a Yamaha, Zildjian, Remo and Vic Firth endorsee. He currently plays for (and numerous times in the past) Bryan Ferry (solo and from Roxy Music). He has played with BB King, Carly Simon and Sly & The Family Stone as well as John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Well, about 3 weeks ago (November 19-21) Andy was in my town (Adelaide, Australia) on Bryan Ferry's world tour. My mum met him when she was working for MGM/UA here in Australia and was over in LA when he was playing with Bryan Ferry. Mum and her mates were at the bar and somehow started talking to the band. Andy gave her tickets to the gig and kept in contact with her for a few years. After many years of changing addresses, they lost contact until this year when we saw Bryan Ferry play on David Letterman. Mum remembered that she knew his drummer and I looked him up here on DW. Luckily Andy has his email on the site and we emailed him. The next day he replied, he remembered mum and wanted to catch up with both of us when he was in Adelaide.

So he came with Bryan Ferry. Mum and I took him, a guitar player, a violin/back vocals/keyboard payer and a backing singer out to the best Italian restaurant in town (Andy loves Italian). We also went to the gig the next day and hung out with the band after their gig at the hotel. I got Andy to sign my bottom snare head, so now my main snare is without a bottom head!

Here are the pics!

From R to L: Leo Abrahams (Guitar), Andy Newmark, Me (Tom), Mandy (Violin/Keyboard/Backing Vocals), Italian Restaurant guy, my Mum (Libby) and Sarah (Backing Vocals)

My batter head: "Hey Tom, Great to meet you. Thank you for a beautiful dinner. I hope I can get you tickets for the show tonight. Fingers Crossed! Good luck with the drumming and the lawyer-ing!! Love, Andy Newmark 20 Nov. 2007"

Andy and I after the gig at the hotel.

Andy, me and Oliver Thompson. Oliver is lead guitarist and is only 19! 19 and on a world tour? How awesome is that!

The concert.


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