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Matt Bo Eder
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Default Re: Suggestions on how to get rid of a custom kit

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Donating them....will do amazing things in your life.

You won't know how amazing unless you go ahead and make someone happy.

If you can afford to donate them, you will get the most you can from them.
On my last spring cleaning I donated literally ALL of my excess hardware and orphan drums and cases to my favorite drum shop - it blew them away and I felt very happy about my decision knowing the purpose was to help out a lot of other drummers in need not as lucky as me.

If you can really part with the drums (you might want to give your sentimentality another close look though), I would donate again in a heartbeat. You could try stripping the parts and putting them up on eBay - people do look for stuff, but considering it's such a buyer's market for complete name-brand drum sets, you could be selling them for a lot longer than you wanted to spend time on.
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