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Default Re: Home made minimalist kit with cajon kick (finally)

Originally Posted by Push pull stroke View Post
I'm curious about this too. I actually love this idea, the snare is the only thing I'm not totally sure about.
I know what you mean but I think this is a pretty decent sound given the size and lack of reso head. I play it with rods (and usually have a circle cut from another head on it to quiet it down a little more even) again to keep quiet so the sound is less defined than your normal snare but the tone is at least correct- I mean it's tuned to a high sounding snare pop.

This page ( has a "watch/listen" button with a sound clip of the snare and I think it's right on although when playing with rods or with my other little dampening pad the snare wire sound is less defined- more of a pop than a pop with rattling snares under it if you follow.

No one seems to complain as it gets so much more feel into the music to have a real set of hi hats, ride, rim click , snare sound, and great kicks tone tho. Best part is that the overall volume is such that if say 3 acoustic guitars really get going, you have to lay into this thing a little to up your volume to compete which is exactly what I wanted it to be. The opposite of what you usually have to do which is to tap tap all night even when the acoustic band gets cranking otherwise you are too loud.

Thanks for the interest!
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