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Default Re: Jim Riley here: Nashville Number System Book + Signature Snare

I wrote "The Nashville Number System for Drummers" book and CD in 1999. It's available through my drum shop or Fork's Drum Closet. Dealers can order it through Universal Percussion. It was reviewed in Modern Drummer. The Nashville Number System is basically the solfege system; do, re, mi but uses numbers instead of syllables. There is nothing that pertains to the drums per se. It is basically a lead sheet with chord changes and other cues but written with numbers instead of notes so that it can be read in any key.

Jim Riley's book is an unoriginal idea and a blatant plagiarism of my book and he and his publishing company are looking at a huge lawsuit.....HUGE! .....Just kidding. But you can order my book. I was a studio and touring drummer for many years in Nashville until I realized that country music causes cancer and lowers the IQ. It's basically the lesson I taught for years at Fork's when guys would call me and say "I have to play a session tomorrow and I can't read the numbers!" Call 330 940 3786 to order.

Originally Posted by skippy View Post
i just recently lost an opportunity for a recording gig because i did not know the Nashville number system. so of course i google this to look into it so i can add it to my arsenal. ive searched every combo of the words i can think of and have no idea how it pertains to the drums. if any one can explain or send me somewhere that explains that would be rad. i understand how it works for keys and octaves and whatnot now but i dont know how it would transfer to the drums.
thanks. skippy.
George Lawrence
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