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Default Re: Nashville Number System

Originally Posted by mind_drummer View Post
I think it's more than just that - I read the Jim Riley Modern Drummer article about the Nashville Number, he explain pretty much in details.

BTW, here's Jim "Lips of an Angel" charted with the Nashville Numbers
Would you please explain the circled items, "pre" and "ch"? Also the Roman numerals - are those chords, or song structure like AABA or ???

I'm so glad C&W musicians around here finally went to the number system. I knew what the numbers themselves meant back in the 80s, but some of the locals scoffed at that system and had fancy hand signals for specific chords (three fingers up = 3 sharps) or shouted them out on stage "dog" for D etc. The same people called the bridge the "chorus" and the chorus the "bridge." Very chaotic...NNS is more involved nowadays and a guy who was always into numbers told me he blew an audition for not knowing what a double diamond was.
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