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Originally Posted by DaleClark View Post
Exactly. Neil's platform,is on some electric motor gear track (The drum techs used to turn by hand). So the platform is not exactly concrete stable. Plus, the fact that most of the stands are threaded into the platform and do not have actual legs. Neil plays hard, but theres finesse/touch which is why he does not break many cymbals or heads.
It comes apart in 2 halves (you can see Gump set it all up in the Anatomy of a drum Solo DVD).
As it's a plywood platform on a wooden frame (must be heavy as hell) with threaded stands, things shake a lot.
I for one would find all that movement irritating to say the least, but he makes it work for sure!

I'm 100% positive Geddy & Alex will still do music. Neil with his new daughter & drum related issues is just done with the marathon level stuff. I'm sure he'll still do clinics & product reviews, but touring is out for sure.

I can't say I've liked any live recording mix after R30. The shows were great live, but they just never captured that energy on the disc.
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