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All right, I'm getting in this action with my two-pennies worth on the subject matter. Let me start by laying the foundation of that I have seen RUSH live in concert on various tours, and that I own a great deal of their music that has been spread out over the course of many decades.

With that said, each period/release has its own gems that shine brilliantly-both musically & equipment[drum kit]wise. But for me personally, the year of 1982, saw as far as I am concerned, the greatest collection of songs assembled and, the ultimate pinnacle of sounds being brought to life by none other then the TAMA CAR drum kit.

Composition wise, the songs on Signals are absolutely stellar! Not a bad cut on the record. Lyrically?...C'mon man, think about some of those lines that were written - "The boy pulls down his baseball cap and covers up his eyes." To this day, I am STILL dreaming, and think about that song every time I wear a ball cap. Subdivisions, Digital Man, Losing It, The Weapon, Countdown, etc, etc, the list is endless.

As for the drums, Those TAMA's sounded the way drums should sound. How about those wooden timbales huh? The crack & whack of those puppies when first heard, instantly captivated me when they where struck. The Zildjian cymbals, just delicious in splendor & delivery. The overall look of the kit, well you know.

I'm sure Neil's DW drum kit sounds nice and all, but each time when I saw him perform live with it/them, I was not too overly impressed by them. Recording wise, the same. Maybe it was just shoddy mixing or soundboard work, but those kits never produced such sounds like the CAR kit did.

Gone, but NOT ever forgotten. The TAMA car kit & Zildjian connection, as well as the Boogie Nights moustache.

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