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Originally Posted by carterbeauford View Post

3:51 his best cowbell/electronic marimba work

the electronic solos, while technically difficult, were the most boring part of a Rush concert and I was happy to see him forgo any of them for R40.

Time Machine was my favorite kit, all the drums just worked together, R40 had thundering lows and not much definition or high end, Snakes and Arrows kit had beautiful mid toms, R30 again had some mean 16 and 18 inch toms. I know both R40 kits were sentimental to Neil and looked amazing. all I know about the Vapor Trails kit was that the crowd cheered as a sign of respect to Neil when the roadies pulled the tarp off at the Hartford 2002 show, his first show back.
I agree about the R40 kit. Especially, the retro kit. The concert toms did not cut thru at all. I believe it was tuning. I know the drums were one offs off some exotic wood buried in a lake somewhere, however, I'm sure they could be tuned to cut thru.
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