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here is my two cents about neil peart. he's one of the best rock drummers ever. i give him a 10 on drums. good lyric writer, too. i don't think he's overrated. there are better drummers out there than him, but he was real unique and special. peart was good on the cowbell, ride, 16th notes high hat stuff, odd time, really good double bass, good on the cymbals, some fast, proggy/fusiony fills. good on the snare with snare rolls. really good soloist, too. i don't care for the electronic drums on his kit. his drum solo on the exit stage left live album is probably one of the best drum solos ever, in my opinion. the only knock on him would be that he's not really that funky or soulful or swinging and a lot of his drum parts were too rehearsed and perfect. i don't think he would have fit in any other rock band. he was perfect for rush, like moon was perfect for the who. i also never liked the sound of his dw kits. it sounded too wimpy. his two old slingerland kits in the 70's and his first tama superstar kit sounded better. peart was kind of like eddie van halen. you were just waiting for the next wacky, impossible part they could pull off.
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