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Originally Posted by PlayTheSong View Post
In my experience, drums move like that when there's a bit too much give in the flooring, regardless of how hard you hit. If he doesn't dent or break heads (as someone claimed) the flooring of the riser/stage may be a factor.

Neil was my first favourite drummer. I love how well he scripts his fills but I kinda don't like that he never varies from the script. Can you imagine playing the same song for 30 years and never coming up with an improvement on what you played in the original recording? That's unusual, but he's one of the greats to me.
Exactly. Neil's platform,is on some electric motor gear track (The drum techs use to turn by hand). So the platform is not exactly concrete stable. Plus, the fact that most of the stands are threaded into the platform and do not have actual legs. Neil plays hard, but theres finesse/touch which is why he does not break many cymbals or heads.
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