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Default Re: Pete Best - His Weaknesses as a Drummer?

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
It's far more than just timing where Best is concerned, I reckon. I hear a general lack of authority and drive.
This is my sense too. I don't hear a night and day difference between Best and Ringo, but a more subtle difference in "authority and drive," as well as seemingly timing. I suspect there was a difference in creativity too, although that became more of a factor later.

I also agree with those who say there were likely a variety of reasons Best got the boot while Ringo got the gig, only one of which was drumming ability. Odds are that had other things not factored in, Best would have been the Beatle and Ringo been a working man. However, it does seem that drumming ability was a factor.

As someone else said, I see Best as an acceptable pub drummer too, which makes it difficult to critique his playing. He's not so bad (and Ringo isn't so good) to make his replacement by Ringo a slam dunk based upon drumming alone, although there does seem to be a difference in the drumming.

Anyway, I appreciate the thoughtful comments.
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