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Default Re: Pete Best - His Weaknesses as a Drummer?

Originally Posted by Rattlin' Bones View Post
You all are debating the drum playing of a 20-something kid in 1960??? Man, I'd hate to hear a recording of me playing with our Dixieland jazz band in 1973 at Shakey's Pizza in Thousand Oaks. Get a grip, people. He was a frickin' kid. They all were. They were not seasoned pro's. Have you heard the singing on those 3 versions of Love Me Do? Some of it was horrendous. They all got better. He was not given the chance to get better with them, that's all.
True in some ways...

but it's all relative...Ringo was a better choice at the time, better drummer, better personality, better fit all the way around. Pete had his style but already was not evolving...he wouldn't even change his hair! All the Beatles said when they first played with Ringo (in Hamburg), the whole band lifted to a new level.

I think the 2 final versions of Love Me Do are good, especially considering how new they were to recording/writing and how quickly they recorded at that time. Their early albums, all done quickly, are great and stand up to anything I think! I'd rather listen to them than anything out now that has been perfected and quantized and tuned in modern state of the art studios using seasoned session pros.
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