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Default Re: Pete Best - His Weaknesses as a Drummer?

I gather much like most things in life, there was no ONE single reason, rather numerous small things that added up. And likely, only made sense at the time.

I'd suspect his drumming was only part of it.

It's been said he the other 3 didn't along offstage as well as the other 3 go along with each other. There is speculation Best didn't care for the change in direction from the leather jackets and 50's hair the suits and mop tops, which caused tension between him and Brian Epstein. There are all sorts of stories, many of them likely not entire true, but perhaps not entirely un true either.

All we know for sure is George Martin didn't care for Best, which put a strain on the Beatles as a whole.

Maybe John Paul and George were simply afraid of not being taken seriously as BAND if it came out Best wasn't on the records. Maybe they simply thought if this is a problem now, let's nip now before it becomes a bigger problem later. Or perhaps they were just young, and hungry and though it that's what George Martin thinks, then we had better go with it or risk not having a music carer.

It's sort of like what happened with John Rutsey and Rush. For years it was said John quit Rush due to his health, but in recent years it's come to light he didn't quit, he was forced out, and it wasn't quite as cut and dry as his health, rather it was a variety of factors.
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