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Default Re: Pete Best - His Weaknesses as a Drummer?

Originally Posted by Seafroggys View Post
Has no one listened to the recordings featuring him? They're on the Anthology 1 album.

Listen to the version of Love me Do with him on it. Very easy to tell that Ringo is just flat out superior in everywhere.

Pete Best is, at best, a half-decent pub drummer. He did not have the skills required for recording sessions or major touring.
Love Me Do is a bad reference. There's versions with three different drummers.

Here's where it gets weird, Ringo played on the UK single of Love Me Do (which Brian Epstein bought most of the copies hence is rare as rocking horse shit!) but the version released in the US and on the Please Please Me album is Andy White.

If I was in Pete Best's shoes I have invented a timemachine, robbed a bank, gone back and given my younger self money to get drum lessons!
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