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Default Re: Pete Best - His Weaknesses as a Drummer?

Originally Posted by Wave Deckel View Post
I wonder if the TO listened to those made up, fantasy-recordings of someone mimicing Pete Best. Rather a parody than real recording material.

Afaik, Best got fired because of "unprofessional behaviour", that is being drunk and showing up late for gigs.
Both may be true, but if you just search for "Pete Best" on youtube, you'll find a clip in which John really disparages Best's drumming and Paul more diplomatically says that the other Beatles simply fell in love with Ringo's drumming. The notion that Best was sacked merely for "unprofessional behaviour" (or other personality issues) requires assuming that both John and Paul simply lied. That's possible, but unlikely.

A youtube search also turns up various recordings. These might not accurately identify the drummer, and worse, may be apples-to-oranges comparisons. Recording situations vary, and it's surely not fair to compare one drummer's late-night gig in a lousy hall with another's fresher playing in a better hall. However, there is reasonable empirical audio evidence to allow others to judge for themselves.

I posted the question here because this is a drummers' forum, and many of the members are good drummers. Let the general historians debate whether Best's solitary disposition, reluctance to get the Beatle haircut, jealousy-inducing popularity with the girls, drunkenness, or whatever led to his firing. Drummers are in a position to compare his actual playing with Ringo's. And if there is a difference (which I suspect there is), it's not immediately evident, to me at least. I don't see Best as a lousy drummer or Ringo as a great one. The differences between the two are therefore subtle--but differences that I would think drummers would be curious about.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that John and Paul didn't like Best's drumming (as George Martin didn't either), and I'm curious as to why.
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