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Bump ;)

I play with a guitar player (from a previous project) once a month and we play 2 medleys; one Dream Theater medley because of the influence it had on me and one Rush medley because the influence it had on him. I've always loved Neil's playing playing, but now to play the actual parts myself I realize how hard it is to play it properly! MP's parts in DT i can play without too much effort, because i played along with songs in the past. Rush is new for me and it's a real challenge. Love it!

La Villa Strangiato is also in the medley and i can't get enough of listening to this song! I have the Taking Center Stage dvd (got it 3 years back or so) and finally got A Work In Progress (still have to watch dvd 2). Love that once every 3 to 4 years i get inspired by a drummer and that i get a paradigm shift* playing wise.

Back to the previous comments; i got the R40 dvd and i really dislike the mixing. Also have the R30 dvd which sounds way better, but also think the recorded R40 show on the dvd lacks energy. Could be that the crowd is almost inaudible on that show, but it sounds like 'just' Rush doing their stuff at soundcheck.

*pun intended
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