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Default Re: Forgetting names of bands/albums/songs

I've never paid much attention to lyrics of songs-who could understand much of it from 60-80's. Don't know the name of songs much either-usually I just make up my own lyrics LOL. But I use to memorize most songs musically pretty quickly. I was in a big band and orchestra and memorized everything-I suck at reading. The conductor would tell the band any start point and without any music to sight-I'd come in right spot. Even when learning new songs I had an innate feel for changes and shifts so would pick up a new song quickly-he was amazed considering I'm a talentless hack. Sadly age caught up with me and I finally had to make myself cheat notes to keep it all straight. Heck now I spend my time looking for my cell phone and checking to make sure I'm not walking around with my fly open. LOL.
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