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Default Re: Best Compliment from an Audience Member

I divide the compliments I get, or my band gets, into two columns: Comments from people who are themselves musicians or in the music business, and those who are not.

In column A, the best compliment I've ever got was from a friend who studied jazz vocals and music business management at Berklee. She said we did a great job, grooved well, and would stand up against the best of the bands she'd heard while at Berklee (you can imagine how chuffed I was to hear that last bit).

In column B, they all blend together after a while. But I have noticed I have gotten far more positive comments when playing modestly and focusing on the groove using a smaller kit, than when I was flashing a bunch of chops on a larger kit.

Probably the very best compliment I have ever gotten from a non-musician in that respect came after a sit-in for a blues gig at a winery a few years ago. I had agreed to sit in with this band for a handful of gigs one summer, and had only rehearsed with them twice before setting out. One patron came over and said, "it's very obvious you guys have been together for a long time. You all know each other so well." Little did he know.

And the obvious: When I was a much, much younger drummer and took my shirt off for an outdoor summer gig in California. I was, ahem, paid the ultimate compliment by an admiring young fan afterwards, shall we say.
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