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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Hi davling

what program do you use when programming click?

I use Logic Pro on a Mac computer.

Hi angelo,

Have you tried to use a 10"or other china or crash with jingles?. What do you think about?
This is another experiment i like the sound with double bass and 10" china with jingles.
I like a china sound and i have: 10", 12",14" and 20" china.
Have you a 8 "hi hat? You describe to me as you have obtained it

I've never tried a 10" china with jingles. I have used two 8" splash cymbals as hi hats - and they're good fun to play.

Hi Gibbersticks,

I'm guessing your show is too big a production to do the whole 5 guys in a van thing.

Yes you are correct. We're more like 11 guys in a big expensive tour bus and trailer.

Hi lorneyc

I'm wondering about that crazy fill in Anethsetize at about 6:13. I suspect it's something fairly simple, but it sounds amazing, what is it? Also the heavy double kicks part at 11:04, what's the pattern there? It doesn't sound like constant 16ths or 32nds or whatever.

That fill in Anethetize is this - it's basically groupings of 5..

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The middle section is repeats every three beats but you play it over 4/4

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