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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Originally Posted by Todd Sucherman View Post

Ah, Skips double flat rides!

It really was a thrill to reconnect with both of them. Warm fuzzies all around....and life can surprise you with "full circle" elements. Ian and Skip were both wonderful and warm---I feel nothing but love for those guys! I'm gonna try to insert a pic of Skip and I, but it might not work as I'm a bit of a computer moron in many respects. Hope it works....
(If the pic works, thats myself, Skip, Johnny Rabb on the other kit. Gavin Harrison was on the 4th--not pictured!)

I'm happy to hear that you have the same regard for those two amazing players and true gentlemen.


Yes, I've had a few of those "full circle" experiences as well and they are usually unlike anything you ever could have expected. And wow, what a great pic--thanks for sharing it!

Very cool, you, Skip, Johnny Rabb, and Gavin--I'm curious to know (if you don't mind sharing), what were you guys playing???

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