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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks for the kind words, Pete! I hope you enjoy the DVD and get a lot out of it. Your feedback is always appreciated.


Thanks again, my man. I'm happy to hear you're revisiting some "old ideas" and making use of them on the kit. It definitely does add some "density" and a slightly different dimension to somewhat standard sounding things. And those things can be useful in creating shades and fulness in general kit playing.

I just had a party at the house during PASIC and was honored to have Skip Hadden as one of my guests--and we got to play together in the drum room. It had been over 20 years! As well, I saw Ian Froman for the first time in 20 years at the MD Fest---about 5 minutes before I began my segment. A cosmic trip indeed--and it was great to catch up with him later in the day. Both were very different players and teachers, and I learned much from them. Sounds like you had positive experiences too.
Thanks again!


I talk a little bit about the bass drum in the gear section on disc 2 of the DVD. I play the 18" jazz bass drum wide open with no muffling. For the 22" I like a 6" hole in the front head with a pillow in the bass drum. For more "rock" stuff I go for punch and spike in the sound. I want clear definition, especially with more complex patterns. I don't understand guys who play arenas with big open bass drums--unless they want their bass drum to sound like a bass guitar and ring for 10 seconds with each hit. An arena (or any big room with a big PA) is already going to sound huge and I go with an old school pillow for definition and spike.

OK. Finally home....and have a much needed month off!

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